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Our Products at a Glance

Food as it should be

Strength, health, vitality and activity with Super Food’s products

The main ingredients of our products are recommended by the United Nations, the World Food and Agriculture Organization and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to produce highly nutritious food to prevent and treat malnutrition in human beings. The U.S. Space Agency NASA recommended the same ingredients as main components for highly intensive and effective food for astronauts.

Our products are protected by international patient registrations with exclusive production rights for the SuperFood Est. - KSA.

Based on the importance and needs of these products in the market, the SuperFood Est. – KSA initiated the production of full meals, packed in handy sachets. The consumption of these compressed and healthy meals - which are suitable for consumption all over the day – boosts the vitality, activity and balance of the body. It’s suitable for all family members and it is the best food supplement for healthy, the sick, young, old and athletes.

Main benefits of SuperFood’s products:

  • 100% Natural ingredients covering all what the human body needs such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, salts, sugars, anti-oxidants and fats.
  • Rich on fibers for easier digestion and leaning the stomach.
  • Provides the feeling of satiety
  • Stimulates the body’s immune system for threats prevention and supports the healing process for many illnesses
  • Compressed and concentrated healthy meals consisting of natural ingredients recommended by the international organizations to prevent and end malnutrition in countries hit by catastrophes and famines. Due to their small sizes and compressed packaging they are very suitable for easy and quick transportation throughout crises areas where cooking of regular meals is impossible or difficult.
  • Ingredients can be absorbed easily within the body which reliefs from fatigue and sickness. It helps in saving the lives of people in crises and famine regions.
  • Our products are recommended for people performing Haj and Omra as they provide a full meal with all required nutrition and compensate the body for the loss of important elements quickly throughout the day.
  • Our products are recommended for laborers and workers with high physical load to provide them with the necessary energy they need to accomplish their assigned tasks and responsibilities.

SuperFood Est. KSA is developing its products by using 100% natural, effective and authorized ingredients and free of artificial materials or colors.

One sachet (20g) constitutes a full and concentrated meal to be distributed on pilgrims, fasting breakfast and charity organizations.

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Our Products at a Glance

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